Overview Edit

The Uhmacui Expanse is a large desert-like supernatural phenomenon in south-central Armeran. It is vastly barren, yet not sand. The sun beats down at all hours of the day, drying out anything that tries to grow. No clouds can be found in the sky, save for a lone wondering storm. Beneath the storm, for only mere hours, life begins to sprout. Fast growing grasses and flowers sprout from the ground, completeing their complete lifecycle in the hours before the cloud passes and the sun returns to dry them out. It received its name from the lone horde of warriors that wander through it, following the fertility of the storm to feed their horses and livestock. The tribe are called the Uhmacui, or often the Uhmacui Horde. The storm itself is called Uhmacui by the tribe that follows it.

Uhmacui (Storm) Edit

Little is actually known about the storm itself. Very little contact has been made with the Uhmacui people without deadly outcomes. Uhmacui is thought to be some sort of magical phenomenon, Some hypothesize that Askarun, one of the legendary Trees of Power lies in the center of the desert. Others believe it is simply an outlet of its power. The Uhmacui tribe believes Uhmacui is their god,

The storm from a natural prospective is incredibly fascinating. An entire ecosystem lives entirely in its wake. Those outsiders who have been given the enormous priviledge of following Uhmacui and its people come back telling stories of butterflies floating around bright flowers as livestock and horses casually graze. The storm itself is rather violent, letting down torrential rain and letting loose massive thunderclaps that can even be heard in neighboring nations.

The Uhmacui (People) Edit

The Uhmacui people are known for following a massive supernatural storm that they believe is their god. The storm, Uhmacui, is their sole source of life. They follow in its wake, grazing their livestock in the lush green grasses that follow its torrential rain. Their language has never been deciphered and they've never been successfully dealt with diplomatically. Some historians believe there may be a lingual connection to the folk dialect spoken by the Red Fields Nomads based on their vaguely similar mythology and visual appearance. The few whom's't'd the privilege to travel with the Uhmacui say their spoken language could almost be mistaken for a Novgorodian Nomadic dialect.

They are a very violent people when it comes to outsiders. The Uhmacui will sporadically raid villages near the Uhmacui Expanse when the storm passes closes enough to its edges. Villages near the Expanse are generally terrified of storms for this reason, as all Uhmacui raids are preceded by distant thunderous rumbles of their storm.

Rumors circle of how they do not sleep, on account that they must always be moving, lest they fall behind the storm. Some claim that the Uhmacui do in fact sleep, but only in hour long intervals, as they must continually get back up and move closer to the storm as time goes on. Others believe that, since they are such proficient riders, they must all sleep on their horses as they plod along.