Overview Edit

Sunstall is the capital city of the Kingdom of Novgorod. It lies in the northeastern quarter of the country along the Golden Coast. Known for its sophisticated aristocrats and busy markets, the city always seems to have something going on. Its populace is diverse by Novgorodian standards, as dwarves, elves, halflings and other races can be seen going about their business. Its is known for the massive Golden Keep, which houses the royalty of Novgorod, as well as for housing the Black Mantle, a guild of glory-seeking warriors whose hall can be found on the outskirts of town.

Districts Edit

Sunstall is sprawling city that holds 3 distinct districts within its walls, as well as another outside its main gates. The districts 3 districts inside the walls are known as the Twin Plazas, The Golden Quarter, and the Bear's Den. Outside the walls is a sizeable civilian district called the Lower Yard.

Twin Plazas Edit

The Twin Plazas are located in the heart of the city, appropriately marked by the two large open markets and their central fountains. The district extends all the way down to the docks. It is the biggest merchant sector in all of Novgorod, and hosts some of the finest craftsmen, bakers, and merchants in the land.

The Golden Quarter Edit

The Golden Quarter is a largely residential district located on the eastern side of the city within the walls. It houses the majority of the aristocracy of Sunstall, as well as the wealthier merchants and figures of the city. Lavish houses and meticulously kept gardens can be found throughout district, making it a popular area for afternoon walks.

The Bear's Den Edit

The Bear's Den is made up of the Golden Keep and its surrounding area of barracks, drilling grounds, and governmental buildings. Named for the Novgorodian coat-of-arms, it also provides housing for the highest ranking officers of the military.

The Lower Yard Edit

The majority of Sunstall's people live outside the city walls in the largest district of the city, the Lower Yard. Thousands of houses, ranging from luxurious villas to crumbling hovels, line the cramped streets. Merchants who can't afford to sell within the city walls are often seen peddling their goods in small stands. The Black Mantle's headquarters can be found near the entrance to the city, at the edge of the district.