Overview Edit

There are two types of magic that are used by the people of Armeran: Divine and Ethereal. The fundemental law of magic is that it is not mortal-based, it is always "borrowed" from some sort of higher being. The history of magic goes far back beyond written history, and today we have only legends to describe its discovery. The practice of magic often requires decades of practice before use becomes practical, although some people and races have a natural affinity for it.

Divine Magic Edit

Divine Magic is derived from one of the various divine figures worshipped throughout the realm. Divine Magic can be given freely and can be revoked just as easily. Some divines choose to give their followers power for doing their bidding, other divines simply use their worshipers as pawns against other divines and their followers. Others enter into a sort of "contract" with someone, in exchange for something, such as an artifact, a sacrifice, or even their eternal soul. Divine Magic can vary greatly, although it is limited to the powers of the divine supplying the power.

Ethereal Magic Edit

Ethereal Magic is drawn from the 7 Trees of Power. These trees each govern over their own domain of nature. When mages use Ethereal Magic, they draw power from these trees and the nature around them and project it in some way shape or form. The magic is generally channeled through some sort of artifact which was previously imbued with magic from one of the Trees of Power.