Overview Edit

King Lucious "The Great" was the first King of Novgorod. Born on an unknown date around the year 870, he was only 17 years old when he successfully rebelled from the Kingdom of Three. He is commonly pictured with his obsidian crown and carrying his legendary broadsword, Tartarus. He died a natural death in the year 942, at the age of 72, leaving the Kingdom of Novgorod to his son King Yonah I.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known of King Lucious' early life. The identity of his parents is unknown, and he claimed to have no surname. Because of this, the entire royal bloodline of Novgorod bears no surname. Various rumors circle his childhood. Some say he was raised by the Orcs, others say by wolves, bears, or even that he descended from a higher plane. The first records of him appearing place him in the Gray Mountains, serving as a soldier in the Lothar Clan. At the age of 14, he is noted as being taller, stronger, and more cunning than any other man in the clan, and quickly he became their head figure.

The War of the Long Winter Edit

Once Lucious became chief of the Lothar Clan, he received a seat at the House of Voices, where he was able to represent his people and their wishes. It was here where he learned of the atrocities commited again his neighbors to the north on the Golden Coast and in the Red Fields. After the Famine of 885, the Kingdom of Three forced the people of the Red Fields to hand over half of their crop, and increased taxes on the Golden Coast as well. A righteous and pious man, he hated seeing others suffer. He met with the lords of the Golden Coast and the Red Fields in secret and laid out his plans for rebellion.

On the 42nd day of Winter in 886, Lucious and his co-conspirators signed the Concordant of Novgorod, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Three.

The new Kingdom of Novgorod was outnumbered by an estimated ratio of 3:1, but nevertheless found victory after the longest Winter in recorded history. The entire Kingdom of Novgorod, as well as the southern half of the Kingdom of Three were covered in snow well into mid-Summer. The victory is largely attributed to the toughness of the Novgorodians, who were accustomed to harsher Winters, the alliance formed with the residents of the Webbed Forest, as well as the masterful strategy of Lucious.

His Rule Edit

Lucious would go on to rule Novgorod for 56 years, ushering in a new era of peace, which still continues to this day. During this time, Novgorod developed incredibly well economically, and now boasts one of the wealthiest capitals of Armeran, Sunstall. He married Gwennan Rhees, a commoner he supposedly met in a tavern in the Red Fields. He had 3 children, one son and two daughters. He died a natural death surrounded by his loving family in 942, and was succeeded by King Yonah I.